09 Jun

When the iPhone first came out I really wasn’t jealous at all when in reality I just didn’t know what I was missing. I had my Blackberry which did all I needed it to do without any of the fancy bells and whistles. Eventually, my daughter killed my Blackberry and since I was due for a free upgrade I was “forced” to buy an iPhone. My husband had one, so I figured I’d bite the bullet. Not only was it user friendly, it had all these wonderful “apps” aka applications. And who’s not willing to download something free?

So the few that I’m gonna single out today really threw me for a loop. First was Trip Tracker. With this app you can put in all your trip info like confirmation numbers and flight numbers and the app pulls up all you need to know such as flight times and whether the times have changed such as delays or schedule changes. On a side note, some airlines will take the bar code off your phone as a boarding pass to scan. Not sure how TSA feels about that!

Then the other that I absolutely love is the Starbucks app. As long as you have a registered account you can keep track of everything from store locators to card balances to rewards. My favorite part is that not only can you keep track of your card balance but you can also scan your phone to pay! You tap the “pay” button and the barista scans the bar code on your phone and it deducts it right there. Yes, I’m easily amazed by technology. Never forget your cash or Starbucks Card in the car again!

So what’s your favorite app? I love recommendations.



Anonymous Girl….the real one.

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One response to “App-solutely!

  1. le0pard13

    October 12, 2011 at 10:52 AM

    If you’re talking about favorites that are apps I use a lot, I’d list: Parkbud (great for finding your car and tracking time left on a parking meter), Shazam (for listening and identifying songs playing), Tripit (like your Trip Tracker), and FlightAware (good flight info) — the last two put to good use on my recent St. Louis, MO trip. WordPress’ app is really good for posts and comment pertaining to your blog, too. I also really recommend the Evernote app (and also that multi-platform note taking application). Thanks.


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