Rain, Rain Go Away….

08 Jun

Growing up in Northwest Indiana I have seen and driven in my fair share of horrendous storms. After all, I did live in tornado alley and spent many times on my knees with my head protected by my hands during school tornado drills. If you’ve done this,you’re always grateful you wore pants that day instead of a skirt.

Well, this evening was no exception. My friend and I drove to pick up my husband from the airport from Indiana to Chicago Midway. There were caution of rain storms, but I made sure to check his flight status for any delays. He was actually expected to be 10 minutes early. Well all of that changed once we go there. On the way to the airport there was no rain or lightning but when we arrived I get a text message from his sister that she had gotten a Facebook message (communication in the 21st century, huh?) from him saying that the storms were so bad he was being rerouted to Indianapolis till further notice. What?! I did not want to drive back to only have to turn around and drive to the airport again; we’re talking a minimum of 45 minutes here. So I keep checking the airline status hoping for some updated information. In the meantime the rain starts then the lightning and it’s really coming down. Well to make this part of the story short, he eventually lands. He says it was one of the scariest flights he’d ever been on, the turbulence was so bad!

Now, the worst is still to come. We head home, there’s rain but nothing I hadn’t driven in before. Then we get on the highway and about halfway home we get hit by torrential downpour. I’ve driven in some pretty bad rain but I have never seen anything like this in my life. Rain was coming in sideways, I couldn’t see the lines in front of me or whether I was driving straight on the highway. I had slowed to 20 mph as semis flew past me at 50mph. If I had stopped I was afraid I’d be smashed by one of these 18 wheelers. As we drove further along, it was like we drifted into this green haze where the wind and rain was swirling around us. It was so scary. I had to grip the steering wheel so hard so the wind wouldn’t push us into the next lane and the rain was coming down in sheets that my wipers couldn’t keep up. Not to mention the pounding of the hale! It was very possible that we had driven into the outskirts of a small tornado. I will never forget a storm like that. But as you can tell, we survived!

(We tried to record it but must’ve pressed the record button twice. The above video is pretty bad weather but not nearly as bad as tonight, so just imagine worse!)



Anonymous Girl….the real one.

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4 responses to “Rain, Rain Go Away….

  1. secretmenu

    September 12, 2011 at 9:42 PM

    Whoa, what a video! It brought back memories of the east coast — and how amazing it is that I can actually drive in weather like that.

  2. suzicate

    September 23, 2011 at 3:15 PM

    We drove through rain like that this past weekend, and actually wanted to go out tonight but again horrendous rain so we stayed in. Driving in rain is terrible. That had to be so frustrating playing tag airport-pickup.

  3. Edward Grey

    October 4, 2011 at 4:36 PM

    I used to live in Mississippi many many moons ago, and this reminds me of it. I love rain and the power of wind. I recall once I was driving over the reservoir near Brandon, Ms using the dam. The rain was blurring and unaffected by the wipers, the water lakeside was crashing up and over the dam forcing the car to occasionally veer into the wrong lane, lighting cracked, and thunder boomed; it was terrifying, but I loved every second of it. :)

  4. Slamdunk

    October 5, 2011 at 8:57 AM

    Yikes–glad you all made it and that was not me in the car.


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